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Research Tax Credits, LLC wants to ensure that we bring any relevant tax savings ideas to your company. This credit is a government-sponsored economic incentive backed by Congress and the administration. Recent regulations make it easier for a wider range of companies to qualify for R&D activities.
If your company has invested time, money and resources toward developing new products or improving existing products, developing new materials, building and testing prototypes and models, developing new or improved software applications, testing new concepts, experimentation and more, you may qualify for the R&D tax credit.
The R&D credit provides a reduction to current and future years federal and state liabilities, creating an immediate source of cash. The credit is not a deduction -- it is an actual dollar for dollar credit against taxes owed or paid.  The credit is a source of permanent tax savings and financial statement benefits and can be used for all open tax years. If the credits cannot be used in a particular year, they may be carried back one year and then carried forward up to 20 years. In addition, Pennsylvania offers a significant incentive in addition to the federal R&D credit.
Research Tax Credits, LLC offers a no cost evaluation.   Our staff of former Big4 accountants, CPAs, and staff with extensive engineering industry experience identifies and documents clients's R&D Tax Credits, and provides all the forms and documentation to support these credits in the event of a possible future audit.

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